API calls to the JSON data layer.

The documentation on this page is mainly intended for the advanced developer who wants to fully customize the data rendering. Most likely you do not need this, and you can go directly to the XTBML modules.
Currently, the following json calls are supported:
Item Type Categories
URL: /api/agent/itemtypecategories?agentkey=AGENTKEY

Finds a list of bookable categories for the portal registered with the specified agent key.

URL: /api/agent/vendors?itemTypeCategoryUrlToken=URLTOKEN&agentkey=AGENTKEY

Vendor information for all vendors in the specified item type category.

The item type category url token, provided by a previous call to itemtypecategories. An example is itemTypeCategoryUrlToken=transport.
In all calls, AGENTKEY should be substituted with the key provided to you by Team Jacobsen.